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4 Substances that Will Change the World

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

Physics is one of the most interesting fields in the world, as it explains how the planet functions. Moreover, it can be used to defy the laws of motion and matter and make them work in our advantage. This is exactly what scientists are doing with the help of these 4 substances. Let’s see how modern geniuses are plotting against physics: [Not a valid template] Graphene Graphene is visible to the human eye is a one atom thick layer and is capable of bending into any shape. This is one of the strongest materials in the world, showing incredible proprieties in every field of conductance or strength. Grapheme can transport electrons 10 times faster than silicon can, so it may soon replace it for computer parts and transistors. However, Graphene is actually a plastic, so it shouldn’t be able conduct electricity at all. But how can it change the world? We are talking about charging smartphones within 5 seconds and electrical cars as fast as you fill up the tank. LiquiGlide LiquiGlide is a super slippery coating that makes a fool out of friction, as it prevents anything from sticking, including water, ketchup and mayo. Imagine never having to wash a plate again, or walk in the rain without your clothes getting wet. Of course, the main concern is if this substance is safe for being used on food containers. Apparently, LiquiGlide is made from edible and flavorless materials, so you can coat anything with it. Just be careful with arm motion that could send your hamburger across the room in no time. [Not a valid template] Spray-on batteries Spray-on batteries can turn anything into a power source. One of the daily struggles of modern men is the empty battery. Everyone has experienced intense panic as their phone or tablet was suddenly silenced when needed most. Researchers at the Rice University have come up with an elegant solution: replacing lithium-ion batteries with a battery compound that can be spray-painted on anything. The lithium-ion components can be liquefied and turned into battery paint. All you have to do is spray it over a surface and power your device instantly. Wolverine Self-Healing Polymer The self-healing substances developed in the past have managed to repair themselves ad fix small cracks in a manner that is similar to the way our body heals: slow. However, the polymer is truly self-healing. In just a couple of hours, it can heal form any damage with 94% efficiency. Moreover, it is not fancy scientist stuff, this substance is inexpensive, easy to make will be available for everyone soon. This can be used to repair cracks in the structure of automobiles, airplanes, and spacecraft sporting goods, medical devices implanted in the body and as protective paint. As you can see, scientist from around the world are working towards building a better future. These substances may not have an impact on our lives now but in the future they could revolutionize the world. Furthermore, in the last years a lot of amazing gadgets were released but only tech lovers are aware of their use. If you want to discover many amazing technologies that could improve your life, visit This website features gadgets and apps that are available to everyone which can revolutionize the way most people interact with technology, helping them perform everyday tasks better.

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