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Image making from past to present

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

There is no doubt that photography has changed a lot since the 1990’s. While photography has been present in the lives of people for more than 160 years, no many are aware or even curious of the dramatic changes that have occurred in camera technology. However, all great photographers have a good understanding of the journey that photography has undergone until the present. In order to get in touch with a professional that knows the basics, you should visit and feast your eyes on modern artwork. Besides the fact that none of the cameras were digital and photographer used to sit around and wait for the picture to dry, there are other interesting facts in the history of image making. [Not a valid template]

The very first images

It is actually astonishing to find out that the first temporary images were created by a Muslim Persian. The invention popularly known as the obscure camera, or the pinhole camera, was discovered over a thousand years ago by Ibn al-Haytham. The camera produced inverted images that used to be cast down a small opening. The reason why so many were totally unaware of this method of photography is that it could not be archived until the later discovery of chemical processes and technologies.

Permanently processing images

The French inventor Niepce managed to capture an eight-hour exposure, namely the View from the Window at Le Gras. The innovation of the technique he used lies in the fact that the inventor worked with chemicals so as to permanently process the image. This actually represented a turning point in photography since Niepce is the first person to have ever captured a permanent photo. However, his camera photographs required long exposure to the sun and this determined him to improve his method. He managed to do so with the help of Louis Daguerre. After the death of Niepce, Daguerre continued his work and came up with a new process where the image was exposed onto a mirror surface. The result was that the luminous quality of the photo was superior, not to mention that the exposure time was significantly reduced.

The colored photos

Regardless of this improvement, the color photo did not appear until1861 when it was discovered that gelatin could be used instead of glass as a base for the photographic plate, meaning the material on which the photo was recorded. The first colored photograph was taken in 1861 when Maxwell has the idea of combining separate black-and-white photographs and taking them through red, green and blue filters. These are the three basic channels that allow the photographers of today to create incredible visual images.  

Getting everything you need to run your salon at the push of a button

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

A small business is challenging from many points of view. Many are so naive as to believe that the difficulty relies heavily in the launching of the business, but this is not quite the truth. While starting any company demands meeting considerable expenses, keeping the business going is just as exhausting due to the fact that owners have to permanently track the businesses movement and deal with tasks such as inventory and manage clients. Even hair salons where women go to get pampered are quite difficult to manage. Lucky for them, at present there are lots of reliable salon scheduling software specially designed to help overcome difficulties. What can the special soft do for you? [Not a valid template]

Prioritizing appointments and taking care of clients

Hair salons feature among the most active businesses in the market due to the fact that the services that they provide are valuable for both men and women who want to take care of and maintain healthy hair. As a general rule, stylists work seven days a week, from early in the morning to late at night. In addition to this, the afternoons are generally the most demanding periods. Consequently, managers have to be able to accommodate as many persons as possible to keep the business thriving and at times it can be difficult to keep track of all the clientele. For small businesses that depend almost exclusively on the clients because they assure their income, managers have to be ready at all times to satisfy their needs and here is where the app comes in handy. Such an application will allow the manager to better organize the appointments and owners who manage to wisely organize their time so as to make more money and ultimately expand the business. In addition to this, the app informs both the owner and the client on the scheduled appointment and the client is informed in advanced. The owner can even get info on the client in the form of details, which he can obtain whenever he likes.

The issue of inventory

Running a beauty salon requires more than owning a pair of scissors. Inventory control can be done nowadays with the help of a salon app that offers technical support for the management of different supplies. The supplies purchased depend on the type of services that the salon offers; many offer full services, including waxing as well. An app can help handle commissions and hourly wages, plus the benefits offered by keeping the fact that the shelves are stocked at all times. This way, inventory costs will be substantially reduced. In conclusion, if you are the type of busy manager that can’t be physically present everyday you can manage the business from home and even from the mobile phone.

How to Install a Home Security Camera

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

Security cameras are highly effective at detecting burglars that may be lurking outside your home waiting to break in. There are more than 1 million cases of burglaries per year, therefore installing a security system seems like a wise thing to do. The installation process is not that complex or difficult but there’s a chance that you may face some difficulties along the way. This article features simple steps for installing a security camera. [Not a valid template]

Determining the area where the security camera will be installed

The first step that you need to take is to choose the place where you want your security system to be installed and make sure that you have with you all the elements needed for the installation process. When it comes to placing a security camera outdoors, make sure to provide the camera with protection from harsh weather by installing it under a roof. Low-profile spots are recommended for indoor cameras but be sure to check that they connected to the DVR.

Wiring instructions

The installation process can be somewhat complex for novices but if you are handy with tools there’s nothing to worry about. Drilling holes and running wire between walls is something that you will have to do at the beginning. Choose one room to place the DVR, the power supply, and the monitor and drill a hole in this room to connect the wires between the camera and the DVR. Run the wire through walls until you reach the room where the camera is positioned. Drill additional holes if needed. If you think that this process is too complicated, consider wireless security cameras.

Placing the cameras in your home

There’s a great variety of security camera models available on the market, so the installation process may be a bit different for each of these systems. Make sure to check the user manual and follow the instructions for positioning the camera. For example, bullet cameras are extremely easy to place because they don’t come with many components; using a couple of screws to place the camera is more than enough. On the other hand, with dome cameras, you need to cut a perfect circle from the ceiling in order to place your camera.

Connecting all the components together

The last step is to connect the components of the security system. To connect the camera to the DVR plug the power cable and the RC59 cable into the camera’s ports and the other ends of the RC59 into the DVR’s input. Plug the other end of the power cable into the power connector. After you’ve connected the camera to the DVR and the power connector, be sure to check that the power connector is connected to the power supply. Last but not least, in order to connect the DVR and the monitor use an RCA cable. Plug your power supply in and turn on the security camera.

UAVs – great tools for documentaries

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

There are few people who can say that they have never seen a documentary. No matter what genre of movies one might prefer, documentaries are highly educative and cover so many topics that it is hard not to find one that sparks your interest. However, if you are on the other side of the fence and you are the one producing the documentary, you will want to make it as appealing as possible from the first minute, in order to attract as many viewers as possible. While everyone enjoys watching a documentary once in a while, with so many choices out there, it is not just about finding a great theme, but also filming them in a way that will impress your audience. To this extent, those who want to produce a documentary and look for UAV hire Australia companies will be glad to know that there are plenty of options for them to choose from. [Not a valid template] UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles have practically revolutionized the way videos were made and are great tools for those who want to make incredible documentaries. Surely they will have to think about what type of documentary they want to make and find the right setting, because when you film with a camera drone the view will be spectacular and you will definitely want to take advantage of everything the landscape can offer you. Not all documentaries are about nature, but the great thing about UAVs is that they can be used just as well into a city, so if you want to catch the streets of your city in a spectacular manner, this might be the way to do it. A good documentary isn’t just about the information it offers to its viewers, it is also about the way in which that information is presented and how much the viewers will remember after having watched it. This is the difference between an average documentary and a great one and what each maker should aim to achieve.   So the next time you want to make a documentary, definitely look for UAV hire Australia companies because you might find one that can help you make the perfect documentary. Regardless of the theme of your documentary, together with the filming crew, you should be able to find an interesting angle for your documentary and put everything in a good light. There are companies dedicated to helping others make incredible videos, so you will not have to invest in any type of unmanned aerial video equipment. All you have to focus on is your ideas and how to best put them into practice. The reason why documentaries are so popular among people of all ages these days is because they use modern technology to create something beautiful and interesting. Documentaries attract large audiences whether they are broadcasted online or at television, so producers can rest assured they will be able to reach their target audience successfully, especially when they choose to make their documentary with the help of a UAV.

Manfrotto Klyp Case Review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

Many people use their iPhone as a primary device for taking pictures and shooting videos. And that is understandable, as the Apple camera is one of the best available on the market, and the 5S’s slow-mo feature makes it unique. However, most smartphones have the same problem: they require a lot of light. If you live in California than you are lucky, but if you live in colder regions you are aware of the huge difference light makes on how video look. The new Manfrotto Klyp Case for iPhone puts things in a whole new light. [Not a valid template] Designs The Manfrotto Klyp Case has three parts and only the slimline case is included in the entry price, so you will have to invest in the ML240, the top light that attaches to the case. You can also buy the mini tripod Pixi. There are two versions of the Klyp, one for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and one for iPhone 4 or 4S. The case comes in black and has two switchable slots for the attachments. Even if the case doesn’t add that much bulk to the iPhone, users will probably use it only when they intent to use the light or tripod. The tripod measures 13.5cm and 18.5cms when the legs are folded. It weighs only 190g and supports a kilo of weight. The Light The ML240 light has 24 LED bulbs controlled by a knob on the side of the unit. The dial also provides guidance regarding the color temperature created, but when looking through the phone’s preview this is pretty obvious. The LED lights emit continuous light at 5600K with a luminance of 220 LUX at 1m distance. This is not a long-range light but if you are interests in close-ups it does the job just fine. You can use the light with other devices as well. The 2xAAA batteries will last for approximately an hour at full brightness. The App Even if the Manfrotto Klyp Case comes with an app, you don’t actually need it as it does not influence the light’s performance. However, it has some great features like the ability to shoot a photo when you clap your hands. Currently there are two versions, KlypApp and the more expensive KlypApp Plus with added options. KlypApp is easy to use and comes with some useful features, including the ability to create stop-motion videos and time-lapse videos. It will also render the captured video into a final product. If you want to get more from your iPhone’s camera, the Manfrotto Klyp Case is exactly what you need. Even if the light and tripod come at added cost, in the long run it pays off due to the fact that you can use it on other devices and use it for next generation iPhones without needing to buy anything else than the case. If you are passionate about photography, you will definitely love this photo. However, if you are still not convinced and you want to compare competitive products, we invite you to check out On this website, you fill find many more gadgets and apps that can help you use your smartphone to its full potential. Furthermore, any tech lover should keep in touch with the latest tech news, releases and analyses. On tech websites you can also find products similar to the Manfrotto Klyp Case so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing this gadget.
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