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Candy Crush Saga review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Ever since Candy Crush Saga was released to the public in 2012, more and more people have started to play it, regardless of their age, gender or location. Even though, at first, the game developers targeted a female audience, this game has become a complete success among everybody and not just women. It is understandable why at a first glance one may consider Candy Crush to be a game for women: it has a very colorful design, with various candies that need to be combined in order to obtain special effects. However, this game quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of players from all the corners of the world. If you know your mom is part of the audience that appreciates Candy Crush, then here is a secret that will surely please you! If you are looking for a fun Mother’s Day gifts, then why not make your mom a surprise and download the game on her smartphone? This way, she will be able to enjoy it whenever she wants. [Not a valid template] The first thing anyone notices when deciding to play Candy Crush is the colorful and happy design. The game is divided in various Episodes, each one comprising several levels. The game developers did an excellent job in offering people all the information they need to know about how to play this game. At the beginning of the first levels, the player receives advice on what he has to do and how he can combine the various candy to receive more points. Candy Crush in itself is very intuitive and allows players to discover new tricks every time they play it. There are many Candy Crush cheats on the internet, where people can read about what other players have discovered or receive advice on how to pass levels that pose difficulties to many players. This game is constantly updated and new levels are added very often to offer advanced players more challenges. Many people appreciate Candy Crush because it does not have any bugs. The game does not jam and can be played on a wide variety of devices, from computers and tablets to Android and IOS phones. Candy Crush will synchronize your activity with the Facebook version of the game, so players can switch between their devices and still be able to continue from the last level they have passed. On the downside, many people are disappointed that on the PC version of the game, if for some reason you have to close your browser during a level, you will lose that life and have to start that level from the beginning the next time you want to play Candy Crush. People who prefer to play it from their smartphones do not have this problem, as their progress will be saved, even if the close the application in the middle of a level. Another disadvantage of this game is that it cannot be played from Windows phones, at least not with an official application. The game developers really lost a part of their market share, because they still have not made it possible for Windows phone users to enjoy playing Candy Crush from their phones as well. All in all, Candy Crush Saga is a very beautiful, intuitive and challenging game that deserves its popularity. The fact that it is quite easy to play, but still manages to surprise its players with new developments is an added bonus that has contributed to its success. Those who are reluctant to play this game should definitely give it a chance and they might be surprised to see how much fun they will have playing it.
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