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Detailing the three pillars of SEO

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

  What does SEO for your business? If you use SEO properly, then you will be able to make your business easily to find online, and avoid getting lost in the noise of the numerous websites that try to stand out. It is known that Google’s algorithm is always changing and if you do not collaborate with a professional, you will have difficulties in promoting your brand, and converting visitors into customers. In present times SEO can help a business become successful, only if it targets all its three pillars. When getting in touch with a professional as the ones from, you would find that it is important to focus on content, building of credible links and social media. Each one of these pillars supports the other and they will bring your website brand value, will build authority and they will distribute your content on different channels. [Not a valid template]

Focus on content to make the most of your pages

The first aspect the SEO specialist will focus on, is the onsite structure and content. It is important to check the way your website is organised and if it includes the right keywords. The specialist will start by doing keyword research, because the keywords present on your website should reflect the products and services available on your website. But alongside with finding the keywords it is important to know how to organise them, because you want the search engine to bring the customers on the right web page, when they are looking for the type of services you offer. The SEO specialist will optimise the content from your website, to make it functional. Also, you should design a blog category on your website, because your website will rank better if you post regularly new content.

Build links to your website

It is important to build links to your website, because in this way you show Google that another reader or site has found valuable and readable material on your website. Your content would be considered more valuable if you get many links to your website, and in this way, your pages will rank higher, and there will be more traffic on your page. In present times, link building is essential when trying to make a website functional. Guest blogging is an option that can help you build links to your website, so you should choose some reputable blogs and post content relevant to your business.

Promote your website through social media

Nowadays social media has a direct impact on the way your website ranks. The best way to make people talk about your business is to post regularly on social media and stay connected to your customers. You should build your social media strategy based on the principle of the conversation, you help your customers get engaged into a conversation with your company, and you promote your products and services through these means. Social media is an effective tool in building brands, and you should brand your social presence for getting effective results. Make content easy to share, and you will see that the results are not late to come.
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