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Floating speakers – the future is already here

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

With a levitating speaker, you can take your music to new heights. Because their design is so innovative, they have quickly become one of the most purchased items of the year. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, there is no other more outstanding than his one. It has been referred to on several occasions as a masterpiece in terms of design and music. The levitating speaker is certainly an item that any audiophile needs to have, and with such an amazing design, the investment is one worth making. If these gadgets have raised your interest lately, than read some reviews on websites such as, to find out more information concerning different brands. The concept behind these gadgets is an incredible one that has completely revolutionized the traditional speaker technology. [Not a valid template]

Battery life

The best part about levitating speakers is that you can listen to non stop music for even up to 15 hours, without the need of plugin the device. Of course, this aspect might vary from one model to another. Some are not as advanced as others are and might have a short battery life. You will be able to find models that can function between 6 or 7 hours without being charged, while others can last up to 15 hours. However, the battery life of floating speakers is pretty impressive for their design.


With a fresh and unique design, levitating speakers have conquered the market, becoming more and more popular. The features incorporated are just as impressive as their design. With Bluetooth and NFC technology, a dynamic stabilization mechanism and 3D surround effect, these gadgets are the latest trend in terms of technology innovations. Having so many great features, this type of Bluetooth speaker is an item worth your attention. Enjoy a futuristic music experience and start looking for the perfect portable floating Bluetooth wireless Speaker.


When it comes to performance, the levitating speakers deliver a sound quality that can impress any audiophile. Despite their small dimensions, these speakers’ audio performance is a highly qualitative one that will make listening to music more enjoyable. Due to their spherical design, they offer a 360° sound effect. Even if you are listening to music at maximum volume, the sound will not be distorted. The sound output is a clear and detailed one, so you will not be disappointed. With a reasonable battery life, top sound quality, amazing features and good money value, a levitating speaker is certainly an item that you need to buy. Several models have appeared on the market lately, so it can be rather difficult to decide on a particular one. Look for more details and information, to be certain you are making the best purchase. It is recommended to read some reviews beforehand, to find out all there is to know about these gadgets, and the model and price differences. Make sure you are properly informed before making your purchase. With floating speakers, you can say that the future is already here.
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