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For the employer’s eyes only: facts about the recruitment process

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

  Recruitment agencies are probably the biggest invention in the field of human resources. These are the ideal partners for both companies in search of suitable employees and candidates looking for the ideal job. It is true that their loyalty lies to companies, as usually these are their biggest clients. For this reason, employers that have not yet collaborated with trustworthy recruitment agencies might be wondering how the selection process develops. By looking into the work conducted by a reputable Toronto recruitment agency, companies in search of suitable candidates will quickly understand why a collaboration is in order. So, the following facts are for the employer’s eyes only, [Not a valid template]

The initial conversation

  When collaborating with a recruitment agency, the most important step in the entire process is the initial meeting. In this discussion, you, the employer, will have the opportunity to expose your need, making the recruitment expert understand exactly what it is you are looking of. The success of the entire selection process rests upon this meeting. You will need to offer a few relevant details about the company, about the job position and the responsibilities involved. Also, expectations regarding the candidate’s work experience and studies are just as important.  

The search begins!

  Once all demands and requests have been carefully exposed by the employer, the hunt begins. The recruitment agency will take on the responsibility of properly identifying several suitable candidates to later on present to the human resources department. The benefit of collaborating with a trusted agency of this kind is that the range of options truly is wide and diverse. Therefore, the chances of finding suitable candidates increase significantly.  

Making the proper presentations

  This is the final step in a recruitment process. Once a handful of candidates has been decided upon, the agency will contact you and send the resume. Your HR department will take on the responsibility of analyzing the CVs and sends word to the agency with regards to the candidates selected. Based on the pieces of information received, the agency will contact the selected candidates and the interviews may begin. Of course there are highly reputable agencies that have been given full responsibility on the topic and they will be able to complete the entire recruitment process on their own, without the interference of the HR department. If your company does not have such a department, perhaps it would be wiser to allow a similar development of facts and allow the agency to decide in your favour. After all, the staff working here has plenty of experience and expertise when it comes to human resources and the labour market.   Hopefully the facts mentioned above have answered your question regarding the reasons for which collaborating with trustworthy recruitment agencies is a wise choice of action. Recruiting employees based on the suggestions of a dedicated agency of this kind is the modern version of those Help Wanted posters hanged of the doors of employers, involving however a greater attention to relevant details that could bring plus value to the companies hiring.
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