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Get ready to become a freelancer

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Freelancing is definitely the future of market job, since it provides flexibility, independence and plenty of opportunities, both for the employer and the employee. At first glance, working as a freelancer means having no fixed program, depending on no one and not being accountable to anyone – all in all, you are your own boss. It is true that there are plenty of companies promoting their vacancies because they want to find freelancers online, but you need to meet their expectation in order to get hired. Owning a laptop is not all it takes for a successful freelancing career, and this is why before getting your dream job for a multinational located overseas, there are certain things you have to do and know. These will transform you into the perfect candidate, but will also prepare you for what comes next. Here are some tips that will help you get ready: [Not a valid template]
  1. Learn how to market your skills

Taking into consideration that sometimes, you are chosen only based on your profile from a dedicated online platform, you should make sure your resume looks impeccable. Keep in mind that freelancing is all about personal marketing and learn how to “sell” yourself through a CV. Try to prove that you love the job you are applying for, show your previous activity and results in a positive light but without bragging and show that you are open to new opportunities. If you want to get your dream job as soon as possible, remember to promote yourself effectively and constantly, because this will help you create a network of contacts.  
  1. Establish a horary

It is true that being a freelancer offers you independence and flexibility, but before signing a deal with an employer, you will need to tell them the hours when you are available. So depending on your day to day program, set some hours, so that your partners know what to expect. Try to be as realistic as possible: if you need to obtain a great income from this activity, then you will need to work the equivalent of a 9 to 5 program. Freelancing does not mean making money easier or working less, so you need to be aware that the payment is directly proportional with how much effort you put in the tasks.  
  1. Stay motivated

Being a freelancer and having no one to supervise your work is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you are your own boss and you can establish your own rhythm, but on the other, you are likely to postpone tasks and forget about deadlines. If you had a bad day, you may feel tempted to give up working, since you lack motivation. For this reason, you need to be aware that you are only accountant to yourself, but this does not mean that you can forget about everything and go to sleep. Remember that you work for a cause and while you are the only responsible for your job, you are also the sole beneficiary.      
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