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Here’s how a digital wedding should look like

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

  Every happy couple goes through many important events throughout their relationship and the wedding is definitely one of them. However, those traditional, old-fashioned weddings are no longer couples’ favorites, since many of them want to make it memorable and one of the hottest trends nowadays is to take advantage of technology. Websites such as can provide a great source of inspiration if you want to know gadgets can make your wedding day special. You also have some of those tips mentioned below in this article. [Not a valid template]

Digitize your wedding invitations

The first thing you start with in the planning process of the Big Day is obviously inviting your guests to the party. However, instead of spending a lot of money on paper invitations, you can opt for a more modern solution – digital invitations and save-the-dates. It is true that the ones made out of paper are more attractive, but you have to admit that digital invitations are not only more cost-effective, but also more eco-friendly.

Live-stream the Big Event

It may happen that some very important persons in your life are unable to attend the wedding due to various reasons such as medical problems or that they are too old to travel by plane to another country for instance. In such cases, you can consider live streaming your wedding so that they can at least watch what is going on at the party. You will definitely make those guests feel happier.

Attach a GoPro to the bridal bouquet

GoPro cameras are incredibly popular nowadays due to their compact size and good quality photo. Even though you hire a professional photographer to take photos during the most important moments, you may want some snapshots when walking down the aisle for instance. Hide a GoPro in your bridal bouquet to get precious photos of the look on your guests’ faces that you can laugh about later.

3D print your wedding cake decorations

Cannot find the perfect wedding cake decorations to fit your tastes and needs? Well, one great solution is to create them yourself. Think of the design you want those decorations to have and print them using a 3D printer. This way you ensure your decorations are unique, not to mention that your guests will definitely be impressed. Be prepared to answer tons of questions from behalf of your guests regarding those decorations.

Share your wedding photos online

Several years ago, besides the bride and the groom, there was a short number of guests who received printed photos from the wedding, while the only things that the rest of those attending the event were left with were some beautiful memories. Later on, grooms tried to solve this issue by providing guests with disposable cameras, yet this has also become a thing of the past now. Today, the best method grooms can resort to is a photo-sharing site. This way, both the grooms and the guests can upload their own wedding photos and share with each other. It is a fast, easy to use and cost-effective method that everyone should take into account.
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