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How to Install a Home Security Camera

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

Security cameras are highly effective at detecting burglars that may be lurking outside your home waiting to break in. There are more than 1 million cases of burglaries per year, therefore installing a security system seems like a wise thing to do. The installation process is not that complex or difficult but there’s a chance that you may face some difficulties along the way. This article features simple steps for installing a security camera. [Not a valid template]

Determining the area where the security camera will be installed

The first step that you need to take is to choose the place where you want your security system to be installed and make sure that you have with you all the elements needed for the installation process. When it comes to placing a security camera outdoors, make sure to provide the camera with protection from harsh weather by installing it under a roof. Low-profile spots are recommended for indoor cameras but be sure to check that they connected to the DVR.

Wiring instructions

The installation process can be somewhat complex for novices but if you are handy with tools there’s nothing to worry about. Drilling holes and running wire between walls is something that you will have to do at the beginning. Choose one room to place the DVR, the power supply, and the monitor and drill a hole in this room to connect the wires between the camera and the DVR. Run the wire through walls until you reach the room where the camera is positioned. Drill additional holes if needed. If you think that this process is too complicated, consider wireless security cameras.

Placing the cameras in your home

There’s a great variety of security camera models available on the market, so the installation process may be a bit different for each of these systems. Make sure to check the user manual and follow the instructions for positioning the camera. For example, bullet cameras are extremely easy to place because they don’t come with many components; using a couple of screws to place the camera is more than enough. On the other hand, with dome cameras, you need to cut a perfect circle from the ceiling in order to place your camera.

Connecting all the components together

The last step is to connect the components of the security system. To connect the camera to the DVR plug the power cable and the RC59 cable into the camera’s ports and the other ends of the RC59 into the DVR’s input. Plug the other end of the power cable into the power connector. After you’ve connected the camera to the DVR and the power connector, be sure to check that the power connector is connected to the power supply. Last but not least, in order to connect the DVR and the monitor use an RCA cable. Plug your power supply in and turn on the security camera.
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