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How to LOL: Beginner’s guide

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Video games wise, League of Legends surely took great proportions in the late years. It has become a way of living, socializing, and having some skills when it comes to playing it makes many highly respected in online gaming spheres. Being a beginner is always difficult, regardless of domain, but a little training goes a long way. Good thing is some services providers make it easy for players to buy and sell lol accounts, and this surely makes it easier for them. This and many other tips, you can find detailed below. [Not a valid template]

1. Always stay calm!

This is a common sense rule, but it is easy to pass it when it comes to video games. However, avoid raging and screaming at your team mates when playing. This decreases their confidence levels, makes them inattentive, and you will be affected by these emotions as well. Being raged at is not pleasant and surely it isn’t polite for you to treat your gaming partners this way. Many players will leave the game if any other of their mates shows this kind of behavior and you will end up alone against the others. This does not help if your main purpose is winning.

2. Always pay attention to your map!

We are not saying you must stare at it and become inattentive at the game. This does no help. But a glance from time to time at that map surely works wonders. This is what differentiates “noobs” from pros and you and your mates want to be considered pros. Just for fun is not an option when playing LOL, winning is. Mastering this might assure you a better game!

3. Start buying wards!

Buying wards is a great way of becoming a better player, not only if you are a support. Fact is the support needs some support with those wards. Not all players should buy them, but it is a good thing if some of their teammates do purchase them as well. They offer permanent vision of your friends, which of course, helps a lot. You can offer protection when needed, and they can also manage doing so.

4. Become a good player, regardless of your champions!

What if your champion is chosen by somebody else in your team before you ? Well, you’ll be forced to play with another one, and if you are not used to it, your game play will suffer. Make sure you become a good player with multiple champions for the best results and a comfortable experience. Keep in mind these pieces of advice next time you involve yourself in a LOL game and also pay attention to the other players. A good personal experience highly depends on other’s experience. Therefore, make sure you respect them, become accommodated with different characters, glance once in a while at your map and all these might help you become a better player and have a better overall experience. Also, don’t forget to purchase those accounts! They help a lot!
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