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Important web design trends for 2015

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

2014 had some important trends that dominated the web design industry. From the code free platforms to single page websites, everything came together to inspire web designers and help them to create unique websites. While all businesses that wanted to maintain their market share had to adapt to these trends, this year the web design trends that are bound to make a statement and determine even more changes in this field basically continue what was started in 2014: a simplification of the websites and the desire to make things easier for the users. Till vissa nivåer, här är huvudtrenderna som en webbyrå Stockholm måste hålla igång när man arbetar med nya kunder. [Not a valid template] Flexible typography   Even though many business owners are tempted by the idea of offering their visitors as much information as possible, with most people only reading about 40% of the text on a website, the concept that less is more has never been more valid. Studies have shown that a website with larger text sizes is perceived as offering clearer information and thus more successful. Even though web designers have adapted quite hard to this principle, never has it been more important to oblige by this rule than this year.   Responsive web design   Even though this concept has been popular for quite some time know, while up until this year most web designers and business owners only had to worry about tablets and smartphones, with gadgets such as smart TVs and smart watches making their way on the market, the responsiveness feature of a website has never been more complex. All users expect to have an easy navigating experience and this is only possible though a thorough implementation of responsiveness in a website.   Bigger images   While large images only used to be important for websites dedicated to traveling, these days practically every idea can be emphasized better with a high quality image. The saying that a picture is worth 1000 words has never been more accurate, especially with the minimal trends as far as text is concerned. Visitors are much more intrigued by a great picture than by a large block of text they never have the patience to read.   Scrolling websites   In their effort to make things as easy and comfortable as possible for their visitors, scrolling websites are definitely gaining ground. Users often prefer to scroll drown to find what they need rather than clicking through various sections without being able to find what they need.   All in all, these are the main web design trends of 2015 that any person looking to have a website should take into account as well as any web designer who wants to create truly successful websites. While not all these features may apply to any business, when you make sure your website covers as many of these trends as possible, you are bound to have success. Of course, the trends that dominated in 2014 will continue to influence those of 2015, so always keep in mind to do thorough research before choosing your web design features.
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