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Learn the basics of pay-per-click advertising

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Nowadays, one of the most powerful marketing tools is the online, since many people have internet access and they use it whenever they want to learn more about various things. The pay-per-click marketing strategy, shortly known as PPC, is the second most effective tool professionals use when it comes to promoting a business (the first one being SEO advertising). It is recommended to work with a professional agency in order to benefit from the best results and the Digital marketing Agency SMBclix is only one good example. Here is what you should know about PPC advertising. [Not a valid template]

What exactly is PPC?

As it was previously mentioned, PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a very popular internet marketing tool nowadays. When using this strategy, advertisers have to pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads. More exactly, through this method, those advertisers buy visits to their websites instead of simply attempting to “earn” the visits. One of the most commonly known methods of PPC is search engine advertising, which allows business owners to bid for an ad placement in one of the sponsored links of a search engine. The moment one looks up a specific keyword that is also related to the services that business owner provides, one will find that ad on the Google results page. If the business owner has to pay Google a $3 fee for each click, but people who access that site make several hundred dollars sale each time, this results in a significant profit for that businessperson.

More about Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a popular system worldwide that people who need PPC advertising use. This platform allows business owners to design ads that can appear on Google’s search engine results and other various properties of Google. Users have to bid on certain keywords that are somehow related to the services they provide and pay for every time someone clicks on one of their advertisements. In order to increase the success rate of your PPC advertising campaign, it is recommended to pay great attention to three important aspects: the keyword relevance, landing page quality with relevant content and well-established call-to-action, and quality score, which is Google’s rating of the relevance and quality of the keywords you have chosen, the landing pages, as well as the PPC campaigns. The better the quality scores, the lower the price advertisers have to pay for their ad clicks. Any company that provides services related to website design in Cork needs to know how Google AdWords works to offer their customers well-designed PPC advertising campaigns.

Properly executed PPC keyword research

It is true that proper keyword research for your PPC campaign might take you some time, but you have to keep in mind that it is extremely important to do it. You should do keyword research more than once and have more PPC campaigns in order to boost your company’s success. When creating the pay-per-click keyword list, you have to choose only relevant keywords and target those that are relevant to your business. Experts agree that long-tail keywords are a better choice, since these ones are more specific, less competitive and, what is more, they are less expensive, which is definitely a great advantage for business owners.  
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