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Leo the Homeless Coder Develops an App

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Apps

Leo Grand is a homeless man who got lucky one day and made a wise decision. Today, he developed an app called Trees for Cars aimed to save the environment. He and plans on using the money to pursue programming education. But there’s more to the story. [Not a valid template] The 36-year-old man has been living on the streets of New York since 2011 when he lost his job at MetLife. Leo Grand managed to create an app, Trees for Cars after only 16 weeks of coding lessons. The app is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple iTune Store for only 99 cents. The homeless coder was approached by programmer Patrick McConlogue in mid-August. McConlogue presented him with a choice, either to take $100 or to learn how to code. Leo didn’t hesitate and made a wide decision that would change his life forever. Leo met with McConlogue each day for an hour of coding lessons at the place where he slept outside. The doorman at a nearby luxury apartment allowed Grand to charge his laptop inside. Patrick McConlogue saw his potential and gave him a shot by offering him books, lessons and a laptop. Leo confessed that he would go through $100 in a few days, but McConlogue told him that he could have a laptop and learn something useful, and that was something more. The two would meet every day at 8am and code for a full hour. However, after McConlogue headed off to work Leo continued to practice on his own for 3-4 hours, reading and practicing writing. The homeless coder said that he had plenty of time to learn to do it anyway. Soon the two men were working together to start building an app, and only four months later Trees for Cars was available in Android and Apple app stores. Leo Grand coded every line for the mobile carpooling app meant to connect riders and drivers. Trees for Cars aims to save the environment by connecting users so they can carpool to their destination. Moreover, the app also provides information about the amount of CO2 the user is saving with each ride, encouraging environmental awareness. There is also a competition against users to save the most CO2. Trees for Cars is an app that focuses on strengthening communities, building relationships, and helping each other, all while saving the environment. The drivers simply have to pick a meeting address and the app will show nearby riders. Both drivers and riders are connected only if they mutually accept the invitation.

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