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Manual or automatic screen printing machine?  

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

  There is much debate around the issue of whether automatic screen printers are superior to manual ones. Since there is so much information available at present, it is astonishing that there are no other options on the market. It is confusing not only for businesses, but for customers as well. In the end, the performance of each type of machine depends on the amount that is being produced and the details that go into the design. Companies specialized in screen printing such as R&P Prints use both of these models. However, is there any visible difference? [Not a valid template]

Manual screen printing equipment  

A manual machine is at the core of any business, especially beginner ones. The reason for this is that they are an investment that grows in time. More precisely, they have been around for centuries and they always keep up with the latest technology in screen printing. Generally speaking, the press will last as long as the business does. Such a press usually has maximum four colours, but it is highly efficient. Compared to the automatic machine, the manual one is less expensive. Therefore, it is a bargain for those at the beginning of the road. Attention should be paid to the fact that the manual printer has to be operated by several employees. Regarding the printing capacity, the manual printer is capable of printing 1.2 shirts per minute.    

The automatic model

When money is of the issue, then the automatic printer is the most suitable choice. They are more than capable of replacing an experienced worker thanks to its embedded technology. Owing to the fact that it does the work that an employee typically does in about 2 hours, there is no more need to pay another employees and you can thus cut down on labor costs. Therefore, the returns on an automatic machine are higher as well. Compared to the manual model, the automatic printer prints about 3000 shirts per day. Additionally, it is not necessary to have any experience when operating it since the machine does all the work. A good piece of advice is to look for a company that is constantly innovation its product line.

When is it time to make the switch to an automated printer?

When companies have trouble keeping up with the order, they know it is time to upgrade their equipment. Taking into consideration that all companies want is to cater to the needs of the customer, they are willing to invest in any type of equipment to respect their orders. Buyers in general appreciate printing companies that can deliver their orders as fast as possible. An automated machine is useful for handling heavy loads and thus allowing the business to thrive. Equally important is remembering that the shift from manual to mechanical does no take place overnight. There are many considerations involved such as placing the order and waiting for your shipment. To conclude, both machines produce the same results and quality, but he choice depends on he needs of the business. If you are interested in fast results when placing an order, then you should look for a company that uses both manual and automatic printers.
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