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Metal detecting – important aspects to consider

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

Metal detecting has become a popular hobby for many people across the world. If you want to dedicate your free time to this activity, then you should keep a few details in mind. Detecting metal can become an extremely rewarding hobby, if you do everything by the book. From purchasing a proper detector to learning the basics, there are some important aspects to consider. Reading a few reviews on websites such as, will help you find out everything there is to know about metal detector technology and features. A few tips might help you get the hang of metal detecting. [Not a valid template]

Selecting a metal detector

When hunting for treasure, the equipment you use plays the most important role. With a metal detector that has all the right features incorporated, you will be able to find valuable metals, whether you are on the beach or in any other place. Before deciding on a device or another, you should ask yourself a few questions. How often are you planning to use the detector? How much money are you willing to spend? Where will you be using the device? This way, you will be able to pick a device that is suitable for your needs. Look for the key features that any good detector should have. Coil shape and size, discrimination technology, water resistance, automatic ground balance, digital target identification, depth control and pinpoint modes are the most important features to look for. The technological capabilities might vary from one model to another, so research the topic before making a purchase. If you want to be well informed, read a few reviews, to find out all the details you need regarding performance, features or ease of use. Do not rush into buying the first or the cheapest device you can find.


It is important to understand that detecting metal will not be easy at first. You will not be able to discover valuable objects from the start. Practice is the key, when it comes to hunting for treasures. The more time you allocate to this activity, the sooner you will improve your skills. Learn the different sounds that your detector makes for each type of metal. Practice at home with nails, gold or coins, to learn how to differentiate between the various sounds. This way, you will dig only for objects worth the trouble.

Look for guidelines

Detecting metal requires some research from your part. It is necessary to be properly informed before going on a treasure hunt. Read some guidelines on metal detecting and find out which are the best locations to start with. Most treasure hunters choose the beach, where most valuables are found, but you can start with any other location as well. Even though, you might not come across expensive metal at first, do not give up. Have fun, and practice as often as you can and you will come across an amazing discovery when you least expect it. If you keep all of these details in mind, you will soon learn to love digging for hidden treasures.
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