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Mobile is the New Digital: What You Need to Know by iNexxus

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Apps

A couple of decades ago, only a few dreamers and misfits dared imagine that one day a single piece of technology would become a catalyzer of who we are as people. And yet, this has happened and smartphones reign supreme on the list of things we cannot be without. Mobile technologies have advanced to such an extent that they are no longer used just for communication. In fact, calls and texts are just two of the reasons why people pick up their phones. In addition to these, mobiles are used for social networking, gaming, navigating, searching for information, and even assessing one’s health. Experts have been talking about the decline of desktop computers for many years, but an official Google statement from May 2015 made it official: more searches are made from mobiles than there are from desktops (including tablets). This increase in mobile traffic occurred in 10 countries, including Japan and the US and it has huge implications for the future of mobile marketing. [Not a valid template]

The next advertising medium for businesses

By now, most marketers have learned to perfect the art of advertising on desktops, but this medium is becoming obsolete, as people would rather pick up their phone to search for something instead of sitting down at their office computers. Mobile is the next advertising medium for businesses and experts recommend marketing services adapted to it. This means that marketing content, in all its forms, needs to change and become more mobile-friendly. The change from desktop to mobile may pose some challenges, but they are insignificant compared to its benefits: smartphones are always on and they are always near their owners.

Why the advent of mobile calls for a marketing strategy update

Recent marketing studies show that almost half the time that people surf the web is spent on mobiles. Mobile marketing is not a pioneering idea that you should consider, it is an essential strategy, and businesses that haven’t implemented it are already taking a huge risk to be left behind. In the past three years, mobile searches have quadrupled and the rate is expected to grow even more. Briefly, we live in the age of mobile, and businesses need to adapt, molding their strategies around customer behavior. Modern companies such as iNexxus are always up to date with the latest marketing trends, helping you reach your audience and stay one step ahead of the competition.

How to tackle mobile marketing

At iNexxus, we help clients implement many types of mobile marketing strategies, including app-based, in-game mobile search ads and image based ads. This variety allows for experimentation and makes it possible for your businesses to benefit exactly from the solutions it needs. For example, startup hospitality businesses should usually initiate marketing campaigns for local searches. No matter the chosen course of action, effective mobile marketing should be clear, concise, and user-focused. This strategy is essential because people use different phrases when searching on their phones, replacing formal keyword structures with informal questions.
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