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Online shopping – the last mainstay of the PC user

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

This is the technology age that we live in, there is no doubt about that and the tech uplift began with the appearance of the personal computer and then with the development of all the following gadgets, everything from the laptop and smartphone to tablet, consoles and more, not to mention the myriad of software and programs meant to make consumers’ life a lot easier. A by product of the rapid growth of the use of computerised devices and of the Internet was, obviously, online shopping. When the first virtual stores began appearing on the market, consumers took them by storm because they provided them with such comfort and convenience. Today, everything can be found and bought online, from food and beverages to clothes and accessories, house and garden products and even the smallest details and items, such as ribbons and bows from Colour Ribbons or other crafts supplies of any kind. [Not a valid template] Although shopping for virtually anything you might need on the web definitely has its perks, offering consumers a high degree of flexibility, convenience and speed, as well as opening up new markets and options for them, it also comes, and always has, with a few reasons of concern, which is why many say that Internet shopping is the last mainstay of the computer user. First of all, after the entire frenzy of being able to shop and order and have things delivered at home passed, many consumers started to worry about online fraud and the security of their transactions. This was a reasonable concern, especially taking into account that many cases of identity theft and fraud were registered as a result of online shopping and consumers entering their banking and card details on unsafe platform. This is why it is important that users research the market and the providers thoroughly before purchasing anything from the web, even if it’s just small items that don’t cost all that much, such as ribbons and bows for presents or for Christmas decorations.   As mentioned above, one of the great benefits of online shopping, together with the development of smartphones and tablets and other such gadgets that allow users to by anything they wish from wherever they are, was the many options it provided consumers with. Instead of being limited to the stores and providers in their area, consumers can now buy from manufacturers or retailers around the world, the only issue here being the above mentioned security. However, search engines such as Google help consumers search not just for certain products or services, but also for providers and information about them, which should make it easier for them to filter their options and find reliable and secure platforms to but from, a good example being Colour Ribbons, following the example above with the ribbons and bows. Provided that consumers take their time to conduct through research for the right platform to buy from, there is no reason for which online shopping couldn’t be an utterly positive experience.
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