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Understanding soft brick and hard brick

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

Smartphones are a part of every day life; in fact, they are now so common and so familiar that we take them for granted. However, they remain electronics that malfunction at one point or another and when that happens, you need to be prepared. Until smartphones become the incontestable kings of the gadget arena, desktop computers were the electronics of choice and every person who has ever used an operating system (especially Windows 98) knows its infamous error: the blue screen. There are no blue screens in the case of smartphones, but they have bricking. Soft brick and hard brick are two problems that occur as a result of software and hardware issues. While sometimes they occur independently from the user, there are cases when they are caused by user error. For example, there are many people who try to unlock HTC use the wrong software and end up bricking their phones. But what does this mean? [Not a valid template] The term “brick” means that your phone can no longer perform its electronic  functions and you can only use it as a brick or paperweight. Soft brick is the least severe problem and occurs when there is an error during operating system updates or ROM flashing. The error can occur on its own, but it’s more common for it to happen when you try to unlock or jailbreak your phone or when you want to root it. The good news about this type of bricking is that you can recover your data and fix the device in most cases, without taking your phone to a service. The main sign of soft brick is a bootloop. More specifically, when you try to restart your phone, you see the boot screen and/or hear the boot sound, but the phone doesn’t turn on. You can get into Download Mode, but not into Recovery Mode. To fix the problem, you can use specialized software or get a stable OS version or custom ROM, but if you don’t feel at ease using these and you want to avoid hard bricking the device, take it to an expert instead.   If you cannot see the boot animation and phone logo or you cannot hear the boot sound, nor get into Download Mode, it means your phone is suffered a hard brick. This occurs as a result of kernel malfunction and it usually happens when users try to install custom ROMs that aren’t made for their devices. Basically, the software cannot interact with the hardware and the phone doesn’t turn on. Unfortunately, hard brick cannot be solved without professional help and you will have to take the phone to a service shop and you will have to pay for the repairs, because bricking caused by the user is not covered by warranties. To avoid soft bricking or hard bricking your phone, use custom ROMs and unlocking codes and apps only from developers you trust.  

Make a lasting impression with video production

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

Everyone wants to make a lasting impression regardless of the situation, but when you have a company in need of a good presentation video, the need of good video production in Surrey becomes even more pressing. Video production is the latest manner in which people can actually transmit a message to their audience and inform them of something. It has become one of the most used tools in today’s advertising and that is because it offers reliable results. To make a good video you need vision, creativity and adaptability. You need to know how to adapt your ideas to what your clients expect and how to answer their needs perfectly. [Not a valid template] The world of video production is surrounded by high quality equipment. From video cameras and lights, everything needs to be perfect in order to obtain that effect that everyone is expecting. However, no matter how advanced your tools might be, to make a lasting impression you need to find that special something to add to all your videos and make them exceed the expectations of the client and anyone who watches them. Since everything can be shared so easily through today’s media, it is important to want to offer something that will impress those who have already seen a million videos on similar topics. But that is the beauty of video production, there is always something new that you can do and you can always send a message in a special manner. This is the main reason why corporate video production in Surrey has gained in popularity in the last few years.   You can always obtain something new when you put your imagination to work and many companies have increased their profits considerably by using these services as a way of advertising their image. As the one doing these videos, you always need to be on top of your game, have the latest products in the field and be able to respond to the need of your clients as soon as possible. Video production has offered the answer to many requests companies had for a long time. Considering that a few years ago these services were only used in advertising or the movie industry, the fact that they are now available to anyone it is a major breakthrough.   All in all, when it comes to making a lasting impression, video production services are a great choice. Offered by true experts in their field, these videos will put your ideas in a better light and they will help your company reach the success you were aiming for. Since technology continues to evolve, there is always a new camera out there or a new way to make a video more interesting and with the help of a professional production company you can be sure you will benefit from these innovations. Video production companies are the best partner any major corporation can have in order to achieve success and gain more clients each day. So the next time your company has a new product or idea they want to promote, video production could definitely help you make a lasting impression.

Areas covered by IT support services

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Businesses are growing and developing at a faster pace than ever and they are also relying more and more on technology, which is why IT systems and services have become crucial to business sustainability. Running a business without an online presence is like it doesn’t even exist these days, reason for which modern day organizations and companies put a lot of their time and effort into designing proper computer and IT support services, in order to take a hold of a greater share of the market. The truth is that all businesses, old or new, regardless of their field of operations, have much to gain from this type of services, especially because they cover a large range of areas that are important to daily operations, therefore a proper infrastructure and implementation become essential as well. The importance of IT support also becomes obvious through the large array of issues that it deals with. [Not a valid template] One of the major areas covered by IT support services is represented by help desk support. This refers to all issues that can be resolved remotely, by phone or email. Help desk support is provided by technicians and IT experts who take control of your computer remotely and handle any software or network issue that you may be confronted with. This is usually the fast track to solving a basic problem with a known or recognizable cause. When that’s not the case, IT support companies or services provide onsite consultations, which represent another area covered. When it comes to reinstallation of software, hardware replacement or network failures due to unknown causes, then remote support is not sufficient and information technology experts have to personally come to your business place and resolve the issues in a timely manner. This are is very important for the productivity and efficiency of your business, which is why it is important to select and hire an IT support company that provides a great onsite consultations service and fast turnarounds. Careful research and analysis should go into selecting your provider, especially today when there are so many options available.   Another area covered by IT support services is backup and security. Data loss is one of the greatest dangers that a company can face these days, when most of the business information and data are stored on IT devices and servers. No business can operate without access to data, which is why all, or at least the vast majority, of IT support companies provide backup services and security support. If you want to go the extra mile and be covered on all fronts, you should look for a company that also provides business contingency services. Last, but not least, server support is another area covered by this type of services and it refers to supporting all processes that link our business to the outside world. 

UAVs – great tools for documentaries

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

There are few people who can say that they have never seen a documentary. No matter what genre of movies one might prefer, documentaries are highly educative and cover so many topics that it is hard not to find one that sparks your interest. However, if you are on the other side of the fence and you are the one producing the documentary, you will want to make it as appealing as possible from the first minute, in order to attract as many viewers as possible. While everyone enjoys watching a documentary once in a while, with so many choices out there, it is not just about finding a great theme, but also filming them in a way that will impress your audience. To this extent, those who want to produce a documentary and look for UAV hire Australia companies will be glad to know that there are plenty of options for them to choose from. [Not a valid template] UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles have practically revolutionized the way videos were made and are great tools for those who want to make incredible documentaries. Surely they will have to think about what type of documentary they want to make and find the right setting, because when you film with a camera drone the view will be spectacular and you will definitely want to take advantage of everything the landscape can offer you. Not all documentaries are about nature, but the great thing about UAVs is that they can be used just as well into a city, so if you want to catch the streets of your city in a spectacular manner, this might be the way to do it. A good documentary isn’t just about the information it offers to its viewers, it is also about the way in which that information is presented and how much the viewers will remember after having watched it. This is the difference between an average documentary and a great one and what each maker should aim to achieve.   So the next time you want to make a documentary, definitely look for UAV hire Australia companies because you might find one that can help you make the perfect documentary. Regardless of the theme of your documentary, together with the filming crew, you should be able to find an interesting angle for your documentary and put everything in a good light. There are companies dedicated to helping others make incredible videos, so you will not have to invest in any type of unmanned aerial video equipment. All you have to focus on is your ideas and how to best put them into practice. The reason why documentaries are so popular among people of all ages these days is because they use modern technology to create something beautiful and interesting. Documentaries attract large audiences whether they are broadcasted online or at television, so producers can rest assured they will be able to reach their target audience successfully, especially when they choose to make their documentary with the help of a UAV.

The features of the perfect anime website

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Considering the incredible number of people that have turned anime into a lifestyle, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of websites where fans can watch anime series online for free or with a subscription. Although the interest in an animation form that brings something different from classic Western cartoon series is encouraging, it should be mentioned that not all anime websites are what they claim to be. If you are looking for a platform where you can watch all your favorite shows and discover new ones and you don’t know where to start your search, then here are a few guidelines to help you sort the options. Needless to say, the quality of the videos is a must and you shouldn’t settle for anything that has less than HD. There are many websites to choose from and you shouldn’t make compromises, because there is always something better out there.

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The first thing on the list is genre diversity. The perfect website should have it all – and not just the typical movie genres that Western movies offer (comedy, action, romance, horror, science fiction), but also several other genres that are specific to Japanese anime. This includes subcategories such as Shoujo, slice of life, dystopia, Shounen, Mecha and many others. Genre separation is incredibly important in the anime world and it’s even a topic of heated debate among fans. Most people only prefer several genres and hate all the others with a passion, so the website where you watch anime series online should allow you to sort all of the anime into categories, otherwise you’ll have a hard time finding something new to watch. A rating system would also be nice, because it will save you the trouble of finding low quality videos, videos that don’t load, videos where the subtitle is missing or just bad anime in general. In addition, a comment section or chat is always welcome, because you can meet people from all over the world who share your hobby.

Another criterion that should weigh heavily on your list is the possibility to choose between subbed and dubbed episodes. It’s true that not all shows have been dubbed (Japanese is a difficult language to master, so new or somewhat underground shows take longer to be dubbed), but, where they have, the option should be available. If you prefer episodes with subtitles, which is considered to be the right way of watching anime, then make sure the website has subtitles and that they are accurate. Most subtitles are fan-made, but that doesn’t mean that their quality is low. Last, but not least, the website should be updated with new episodes as soon as they are released and you should be able to filter the anime based on rating. Some websites, especially paid ones, also offer additional benefits to subscribed members, such as access to manga, forums or fandom stores. If you have the money and you’re a true fan, then the investment is worth it, because you can get exclusive content and you can enjoy anime from multiple perspectives. 

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