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Amazing Star Wars Technology That Exists

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Despite the fact that nothing in the movie was created with realism in mind, technology has evolved and Star Wars is close of becoming a reality every day. Although the lightsaber has not been created yet, scientists who grew up with the Star Wars trilogy have made some significant progress. The latest technology news articles feature numerous examples of amazing Star Wars technologies that will blow your mind: [Not a valid template]

Speeder Bikes

Speeder bikes from the Return of the Jedi were every adolescent’s dream. Based on numerous technology news articles, a company called Aerofex is planning to make this dream a reality. Head of company Mark DeRoche was a big fan of the speeder bike scene, so he decided to develop a low-altitude tandem duct aerial vehicle. The vehicle is in the process of perfecting, but it is actually functional. The Aerofex hover bike has a current price tag between $50,000 and $100,000 and targets fields such as search and rescue, agriculture, transportation and border control. DeRoche says that the bike is a tribute to the George Lucas team, although it does not feature laser cannons.

Laser Cannons

For half a century, sci-fi planted the idea that in the future guns will shoot glowing beams of energy that blows anything out of way. By now, many expected to live a laser-based lifestyle, and their dream is about to become a reality. The U.S. Navy is currently testing a warship-mounted laser cannon and preparing to deploy them to the police in 2014. Although there is no accompanying “pew-pew” sound effect like in the movies, but it will have a dazzle setting which zaps you unconscious. For more crazy tech innovations like this you can visit this site.

Floating Probe Droids

Every Star Wars fan remembers the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when the Empire sends a probe droid to Hoth to search for rebels. The drone floats along the planet’s icy surface and scans for life. Inspired by the movie, the MLB Company developed an aerial vehicle capable of floating for 10 hours with a 5-pound payload. But DARPA wasn’t satisfied with the V-Bat, so they decided it needs the ability to act autonomously and a clawed arm. The V-Bat is able to judge the distance to its target, clamp on its payload and leave without any human direction. It’s just a matter of time before it learns to track down moving targets and grab them with its creepy robot arm.

Miniature Hover Bots

In Star Wars, remotes are little spherical droids that perform tasks such as carrying equipment, repairs and reconnaissance. They also float and pack lasers. In real life, remotes are called SPHERES or Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites. About 13 years ago, MIT engineering professor David Miller showed his students the remotes from Star Wars and told them to build some. With backup from the Department of Defense and NASA, they designed little smartphone-powered droids that hang out on the International Space Station. As you can see, we are about to enter a new stage of development, where once fictional gadgets are now a reality. If you are are a Star Wars fan than you are probably passionate about all sorts of gadgets. In order to keep in touch with the latest tech discoveries, we invite you to check a tech news website. is a great website that had useful reviews about the latest gadgets. There are a lot of devices that most people don’t even know exist. Surprisingly, some of these devices are even affordable.

Zoo Tycoon For Xbox Review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

The launch of Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One was quite surprising, screaming family friendly in a way that most killing or racing games don’t. But Zoo Tycoon targets other genres as well, the sim game. The question is if this game has what it takes to entertain, or if it’s just not suitable on a console. [Not a valid template] Zoo Tycoon is the perfect game for those who like animals and ever considered becoming a zookeeper. The game targets not just many adults, but absolutely every child, disregarding age or gender. However, Zoo Tycoon isn’t as involved in running the place as it is in maintaining the wide variety of animals. Players must build a zoo, drop exhibits into place, add animals and make sure they are happy without venturing into landscaping, building paths or connecting drains. The game is accessible without being too involved in administration, so expect a lot of fun! Moreover, you can hire staff to do the dirty world you don’t like, like refilling feed stations. Of course, this can be expensive, so Zoo Tycoon offers a free building mode where you have infinite cash to build whatever you like. But cash is not the barrier to success. When it comes to Zoo Tycoon, fame is what you need most. When your fame level increased, so does the range of animals and exhibits. However, the fame increases quickly, so if you build an epic zoo in just a few hours you will have enough fame. In order to get more of the zoo unlocked, players must complete various tasks. Zoo Tycoon has many different gameplay options. The first one is a tutorial that will teach you the basics skills at the level of a six-year-old. In the challenge mode you must solve a problem or meet criteria, and in the more difficult campaign mode you receive rewards as you progress. These gameplay options appeal to different gamers, so everybody is guaranteed to have a blast. You can also link up with friends who have the game and build together a co-op zoo. There are two views within Zoo Tycoon, a top-down view typical for sim games designed to navigate quickly in the environment. You can also get all the information from this view, maintain and build things. The over-the-shoulder view is more fun, as it allows players to walk around the zoo and interact with the animals. A notification system will alert about any problems you need to deal with, like if an animal runs out of food so you can walk or drive there to deal with the problem yourself. One of the best featured of Zoo Tycoon is that it uses Kinect, so you can speak to action some of the commands. This game is a delight for children, while older gamers will enjoy getting things organized. There are more similar games out there, so if you want to learn about them, check out JournalOfNetworks.Org and get comprehensive reviews on console or computer games, but other gadgets and apps as well.

Manfrotto Klyp Case Review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Camera

Many people use their iPhone as a primary device for taking pictures and shooting videos. And that is understandable, as the Apple camera is one of the best available on the market, and the 5S’s slow-mo feature makes it unique. However, most smartphones have the same problem: they require a lot of light. If you live in California than you are lucky, but if you live in colder regions you are aware of the huge difference light makes on how video look. The new Manfrotto Klyp Case for iPhone puts things in a whole new light. [Not a valid template] Designs The Manfrotto Klyp Case has three parts and only the slimline case is included in the entry price, so you will have to invest in the ML240, the top light that attaches to the case. You can also buy the mini tripod Pixi. There are two versions of the Klyp, one for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and one for iPhone 4 or 4S. The case comes in black and has two switchable slots for the attachments. Even if the case doesn’t add that much bulk to the iPhone, users will probably use it only when they intent to use the light or tripod. The tripod measures 13.5cm and 18.5cms when the legs are folded. It weighs only 190g and supports a kilo of weight. The Light The ML240 light has 24 LED bulbs controlled by a knob on the side of the unit. The dial also provides guidance regarding the color temperature created, but when looking through the phone’s preview this is pretty obvious. The LED lights emit continuous light at 5600K with a luminance of 220 LUX at 1m distance. This is not a long-range light but if you are interests in close-ups it does the job just fine. You can use the light with other devices as well. The 2xAAA batteries will last for approximately an hour at full brightness. The App Even if the Manfrotto Klyp Case comes with an app, you don’t actually need it as it does not influence the light’s performance. However, it has some great features like the ability to shoot a photo when you clap your hands. Currently there are two versions, KlypApp and the more expensive KlypApp Plus with added options. KlypApp is easy to use and comes with some useful features, including the ability to create stop-motion videos and time-lapse videos. It will also render the captured video into a final product. If you want to get more from your iPhone’s camera, the Manfrotto Klyp Case is exactly what you need. Even if the light and tripod come at added cost, in the long run it pays off due to the fact that you can use it on other devices and use it for next generation iPhones without needing to buy anything else than the case. If you are passionate about photography, you will definitely love this photo. However, if you are still not convinced and you want to compare competitive products, we invite you to check out On this website, you fill find many more gadgets and apps that can help you use your smartphone to its full potential. Furthermore, any tech lover should keep in touch with the latest tech news, releases and analyses. On tech websites you can also find products similar to the Manfrotto Klyp Case so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing this gadget.

Kindle Fire HDX Review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Tablets

The latest Amazon update brings us the Kindle Fire HDX tablet available in two sizes, an 8.9-inch model and a 7-inch model. In this article we will review the smaller model priced to compete with the Nexus 7. The 16GB model costs the same if you opt for special offers, meaning that you will accept adverts on the lock screen. Without the adds, the device costs $244, $15  more. [Not a valid template] Design When it comes to design, the Kindle Fire HDX reminds of the Kindle Fire HD with a no-nonsense finish and a tactile border around the display. If you flip it over, the Kindle reveals an angular design that adds some detail due to its tactile soft-touch plastic. Instead of the metal strip running across the back, there is a glossy plastic strip. Even if it houses speaker grilles, the plastic bar cheapens the look. Although the glossy back matches the logo, it is a fingerprint magnet. The 303g tablet is nice to hold, providing grip for your fingers. At only 186 x 128 x 9mm, the Fire HDX is portable and can fit into a large pocket. The buttons are positioned to be easy to use, but when you use the Origami Leather Cover you can’t reach them. Display Currently the tablet race is highly influenced by resolution, with displays becoming sharper every day. The Kindle Fire HDX does not disappoint, with its name inspired from the 1920 x 1200 pixels on a 7-inch display. The 323ppi are close to the iPad mini with Retina display and match that of Nexus 7. The display is bright and the viewing angles don’t disappoint. The warmer tone gives a nice punch and more vibrancy to the colors. Even the whites are good, although you can find brighter whites on other devices. The sharp display is packed full of detail and has plenty of brightness to combat reflections. Speakers The Kindle Fire HD with twin Dolby speakers demonstrated amazing sound quality last year. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX brings honor to the name with its impressive quality audio, one of the best you can find on such device. There is sufficient volume and detail for listening to music and matching video without headphones. The position of the speakers on the rear does not muffle the sound and the on-screen volume controls allows user to tweak the level by touch. Performance Along with the great audio and quality display, the small Kindle Fire HDX has plenty of power. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2 GB of RAM can rival the latest devices, including the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. As a result, apps are quick to open and everything runs smoothly. If you throw intensive tasks, the tablet will heat up around the back, but it isn’t a problem. Connectivity is good and the battery will allow 11 hours of play time and 17 hours of music playback.

Honda Releases Smartphone Case N with Airbags

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

A case is designed to protect your smartphone from bumps, scrapes and drops. However, many smartphone users still manage to break their device. Honda is promoting a new line of small cars by adding airbags to a protective case in their new video. The Smartphone Case N uses carbon dioxide to inflate small airbags right after it detects it is falling. [Not a valid template] The brainchild of designers at Honda used 6 different smart airbags that inflate within a split second and protect your phone. Even if the phone looks perfectly safe, we are not sure is it would be safe for the case to inflate while still in your pocket. However, the airbag case is a promotion for the new series of cars, so it is unlikely it will be available in shops any time soon. But with the new discoveries in technology, anything is possible. So if you were expecting some high tech news involving smartphones, here’s one piece that you’ll definitely find some use in. The Honda Smartphone Case N is very similar to the airbags in cars which activate in the event of a collision. However, instead of deploying on impact, Honda’s airbags pop when the phone faces the force of gravity. When the phone is falling, an accelerometer trips and a canister of carbon dioxide gas inflates the airbags in 0.2 of a second. Thus, the phone’s fall is cushioned and your problem is solved. The airbags are located around the edges and the computer-controlled accelerometer in the rear of the case. Although this idea is impractical in its current form, the system is real and functional. In the video, the airbags deploy after 3 ft of falling, or 90 cm, so it might not be a good idea to take the case along when you are practicing sports. Once the computer triggers the mechanism, the valve is opened electrically and CO2 is released from a cartridge. After the impact, it bounces gently for a moment and then the phone rests unharmed on the airbags. At this point, the airbags remain inflated so it is unclear how they can be repacked or replaced. Like any device, the Honda Smartphone Case N has its pros and cons. On one side, it seems to be performing its main function in an effective manner so that the smartphone is protected. On the other hand, its size is enormous and the cost will probably be very high. Moreover, resetting the airbags may be difficult or cost extra. Another flaw is the fact that the phone is not protected if it is dropped screen down on a pointy object. There is also a danger of tripping while having the case in your pocket. It is clear that the concept is not ready for prime time. This high tech news will definitely arouse interest in lots of smartphone users who enjoy spending lots of money on new devices but are afraid they might break them. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos believes that the idea is good enough, as he patented it for Amazon. The patent filed in February 2010 covers almost any method of protecting the fragile phone, including reorienting it while it falls or using air jets to slow the fall. We believe that this concept may become a common reality sooner than we expected.
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