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Painting like a pro with Adobe Photoshop

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Apps

The most challenging task that web designers or ordinary people have to deal with is finding the right color scheme. The fact is that not all shades complement each other so that it is difficult to find the right combination and make a picture or drawing stand out. It seems that the best tool available on the market is the Photoshop Color wheel, which you too can get from Photoshop is just one of the many applications that let the user manipulate pictures in any way that he desires in order to add amazing effects. However, painting digitally is highly different from painting with a brush.

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Adobe Photoshop

The software is so complex owing to the fact that it features a wide selection of graphic tasks, menus and options. Even though digital painting requires but very few of these features, it is advisable to have them so as to achieve stunning results. Even a single color option can totally make the difference. The key is knowing which parts you should highlight and which you should hide. In Photoshop terms, a pallet is practically a window that contains information and by opening the window the user gains access to a wide selection of pallets. Moreover, the app allows you to have full control of the tools and the color picker. The color picker is valuable because it offers other options than black and white. All these allow you to manipulate the canvas as desired.


It is a good idea to get familiarized with Photoshop’s brushes and erasers. As mentioned before, painting digitally is significantly different. In the app, the brush encapsulates traditional tools such as airbrushes, pencils, pens, etc. The main point is to have a brushstroke that is efficient and that is in harmony with the rest of the painting and of course the color scheme. In order to get used to the digital brush, you should practice drawing triangles and try changing the colors.

Chromatic balance

Whether you paint in the digital world or in reality, it is vital to mix the colors so as to create a harmonious picture. In this sense you have to pay attention to the environment because the shades varies according to the lighting. Besides the colors, you also have to consider the shades and tones. For more dramatically features, you can also add multiple layers that are not normally encountered in traditional painting and that add a plus of effect. Tools such as Color wheel and picker give you the possibility to choose from both warm and cold hues, as well as letting you making them lighter or darker.

Not exactly photographic manipulation

Digital painting is a type of computer-generated art, but it is not the same as manipulation of photography. The difference lies in the fact that the photo is built from scratch and you have the possibility to insert photographic elements, but you rarely need to. Nowadays many choose work with the stylus and appropriate software because they get precise results. In addition, digital painting allows you to conceptualize your own idea, which is more advantageous that actually striving to modify an existing picture.  
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