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Popular Android racing games in 2015 that you should try

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Even though new games get launched on the market almost every day, there are a few that you absolutely must try if you are a gaming fan. These games have earned their popularity this year because of their great design and smart features. If you make a habit out of reading the latest Android games news, you may have heard about them, if not, this is your chance to find out: [Not a valid template]

Reckless Racing 3

  This game has an isometric view that allows you to see the track from above and leads to some amazing contents. The four on-screen controls for turning left and right and driving forwards and in reverse will help you maintain control over the race and even though it will take a little while to get used to them, you will see that this game handles flawlessly. While the car will certainly be harder to control compared to games where you just tilt the screen, it will give you a more real experience, not to mention that the maps themselves are made to look extremely realistic. It is one of the best Android racing games of the moment.  

Marvel Contest of Champions

  As far as fighting games go, this is by far one of the coolest ones of the moment. It features the greatest Marvel characters that you can unlock as you progress further into the game. The game is very fluid and very responsive, so you can enjoy these animated attacks to the fullest and you don’t have to worry about annoying on-screen controls. You will need to have a newer device to enjoy this game to the fullest and the fact that it is free is an added bonus. In-app purchases are available, but you can play this game without having to buy anything.  


  Even though it is considered quite new on the Android game scene, this game has already gathered over one million downloads and continues to obtain positive feedback from all its users. This is a basebuilding game where players develop their nation from Stone Age to Space Age and conquer the world. The strategy level in this game surpasses many other Android games as it offers users the chance to make various decisions that will later influence their gaming experience. There are also battles that players take part in and constant decisions they need to make, making this game quite challenging. It will certainly appeal to those who have a taste for strategic games and since it is free in Play Store, it would be a shame not to try it.   These are 3 of the most popular Android games of the moment. When you want to download something new and you are not in the mood for trying something you might not like, these are the types of games that will help you have fun and enjoy every moment you spend playing. A good game is entertaining, challenging and always makes you have fun when playing it.
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