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Should You Buy a Radar Detector?

Written by Aiden Fergurson. Posted in Gadgets

Radar guns are used by the police to detect drivers who over speed on parts of road with speed limits. These devices use Doppler radar to detect speed and they emit waves that cross the distance to a moving object and return to the radar gun which interprets the difference between the original signal and the returned signal as the speed of the object. This way, police officers manage to establish the speed of the vehicle and tax the speeding drivers with tickets.

Reasons for buying a radar detector

Radar detectors have the ability to detect a radar gun placed by the police and let you know when you should slow down in order to avoid a speeding ticket. The radar detector also uses radio waves that detect the police radars and return to your unit with a visual and acoustic signal that warns you to slow down. If you don’t want to be in the position of being pulled over, then you should consider buying a radar detector for your car. Here are some reasons that might convince you whether or not you need a radar detector. [Not a valid template]

Driving is a major part of your job

There are many people who work in a moving environment and have to drive many miles daily. If you are a driver who spends several hours a day in a car driving on public roads, then you have increased chances of being pulled over for speeding, therefore, a radar detector will come in handy.

You have a fast car

If you own a performance car or a luxurious sports car, chances are you will not drive slowly on the roads. People will powerful cars tend to drive faster and are more likely to get speeding tickets. Therefore, a radar detector can allow you to enjoy the features of your car without getting you into trouble with the police. [Not a valid template]

You have many speed violations counted against you

Too many traffic tickets can result in a license suspension, which can be very unpleasant. Two or more speeding tickets can be a strong reason to buy a radar detector that can keep you away from fines and license suspension.

The radar detector helps you maintain the aspect of your car

A safe and comfortable driving will also maintain the state of your car. A radar detector with GPS systems that lets you know which intersections are dangerous or which roads are in construction will keep your car safe and away from incidents and damages.

What type of radar detector should you buy

Modern radar detectors come with many features, some of them even having maps installed on them. In order to make sure that you are making an informed purchase, read the radar detector reviews on
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