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Situations when a mobile app is better than a mobile website

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Computers

Responsive mobile websites have gained a lot of ground in the past years, to the point where now they are a given and just about any client who hires a web developer asks for this service. Mobile websites are absolutely necessary nowadays and there are very few situations when you can get away without one. However, their performance can be somewhat limited and there are a number of cases when investing in a mobile app provides better results and a better user experience. Of course, bespoke software development for mobile phones is a complex issue that you can read more about by the link, but, briefly, these are the situations in which it outshines mobile sites.

When you need a complex interface and advanced features Situations when a mobile app is better than a mobile website

If you only want a basic presentation website, with a few product categories, an About section and a blog section, then a mobile site will do, but if you require a complex interface with advanced elements and features, then resort to mobile app developers. Although the list of things that mobile sites can do has grown considerably, mobile technologies still have their limitations, so a complex project is better suited for bespoke app development.

When speed matters

One big issue with mobile sites is that the more complex they are, the harder they load. Modern users are always in a rush and if the content they want to see does not load within seconds or doesn’t work seamlessly, they will simply close the tab and look somewhere else. Also, the performance of the mobile site greatly depends on the browser and the specs of the phone. Other facts that you might want to consider are Internet reliability and server performance. A mobile app moves runs locally, so it is much faster, offering an optimal user experience, so if you’re looking for speed, it’s definitely the right choice.

When you want something that works offline

Nowadays, everyone is connected and uses the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that all services from all possible fields have to work exclusively online. There are many cases when users could use your service offline, and a mobile site can never allow that. A mobile site can only be accessed from a browser if the device is connected to the Internet, but a mobile app can also work offline. Talk to your mobile software developer about the purpose of your service and they will tell you if offline features can be included.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to analyse the nature of the services you want to offer the experience that users should get when interacting with them. Each business is different, so there isn’t a clear winner between mobile apps and mobile sites. It all depends on your particular requirements and budget. A professional developer will tell you what kind of work is needed to achieve the results you want, how much it costs and whether or which of these two options is more sustainable in the long run.
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