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Take listening to music to new heights with a levitating speaker

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

When it comes to gadgets, the latest innovation that has attracted an impressive number of buyers is the floating speaker. If you are always keeping up with the latest tech trends, then you have probably heard about this unique gadget that has become extremely popular right after the concept has been brought on the market. If you are an audiophile yourself, who is always eager to try out different types of speakers, then you should seriously consider purchasing a levitating speaker. With a simple search online, you can easily discover which brand or model is the best choice. Read reviews on websites, such as, to discover more about the features and specifications of the product. Here are a few things you should know about this revolutionary gadget: [Not a valid template]


Floating speakers have impressed buyers not only through the design concept (which is certainly one-of-a-kind) but through the various features included as well. The levitating orb, which can also function as a stand alone speaker, delivers a 3D surround effect, spreading the sound equally throughout the entire room. The sound quality, battery life and ease of use can vary slightly from one model to another, but overall, the features incorporated in a floating speaker are advanced ones. If you choose the right model, you can listen to non-stop music up to 12 hours without being plugged in. Another detail that makes this gadget so great is that it includes an charging outlet for your smartphone or tablet. Enjoying a complete music experience is possible with this device.

Design concept

You have probably never imagined listening to your favorite tunes on a speaker that floats in the air. With a design that seems to defy the laws of gravity, floating speakers have completely revolutionized the design concept of traditional Bluetooth speakers. With this type of gadget on your desk, you will walk one step into the future. The developers have created a masterpiece, giving users the opportunity to enjoy a different type of music experience. The product itself includes a spherical speaker that floats above a circular base, creating a mesmerizing, out of this world effect. If you have considered buying a Bluetooth speaker, then you should definitely opt for a levitating model, which has become well known not only for its appealing design but for the sound quality delivered as well. Besides the appealing futuristic design that has certainly impressed prospective buyers, floating speakers deliver a sound quality that exceeds any audiophile’s expectations. With enough research, you can find a model that suits your budget and includes all the features you are interested in. To be 100 percent sure that you are making a wise investment, you should inform yourself regarding product specifications, battery life and ease of use. These details can be easily found on an informative website that provides detailed reviews. After you have learned all there is to know on the topic, purchase the right speaker for you, and take listening to music to undiscovered heights.
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