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The dos and don’ts of effective web design

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

It is common knowledge that website development can make or break an online business or a company’s image. Your website is your digital business card, so you have to invest not only in its aesthetic appeal, but also in its accessibility, utility and responsiveness to ensure that your potential customers reach the information they need fast and easy. Before you hire a specialist in website design services in Ottawa, you need to understand that the accent should always fall on user experience, not on your personal preferences. There are many popular practices in web design that are bad for business, so your job is to find out what you need and why before hiring an expert. Following are the biggest mistakes in web design. [Not a valid template] Say NO to flashing images and text It is important to establish what customers expect from your business. You need a serious trust inspiring website for a financial institution, a creative website for a modern art gallery and so on. Flashing text has no place on the Internet for two reasons. First, it will remind people of cheap disco settings or those annoying messages spelling “virus” that pop up when they enter a dubious website. Second, people read online content slower and do not exert the same patience they prove when reading a book or a newspaper. You should keep text short and easy to read.   Say NO to page counters It might seem a good idea to show others how popular your website has become, but in reality page counters look bad. While likes on social networks generally inspire trust and work as referrals, page counters only succeed in ruining the design of a homepage. It looks tacky and it might give away information that you do not really want others to find out. You can keep count of sit traffic by asking your hosting service provider about this information.   Say NO to Flash intros Flash intros were very popular for a short period in the past, but people are too used to click the “Skip” button to pay attention to them anymore. Unless you have a good reason to get an intro, you should not forget about the possibility of frustrating your users by making them go through two stages in order to reach the information they are looking for. Modern Internet users are more pretentious than in the past, so they would not be happy with the delay. If the Flash intro happens to load slowly or make the browser unresponsive, you will have a very bad time.   Say NO to unfinished pages If you have an under construction page up with links leading to it, you will only manage to frustrate our users and make them think that you were unprepared when launching your website. Wait until you have all the essential pages ready and put the rest up when they are finished. It is true that every day up and running can make a big difference. However, while a few weeks delay can be recuperated, a ruined image is more difficult to fix.
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