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Using a video converter online to take and share selfie videos

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

In a time when technologies are evolving and devices are interchanging features up to the point where little differences remain between phones, computers and other gadgets in the classic sense, there is no wonder that people are starting to use whatever they can find in order to complete certain tasks. If the tablet is nearer, then it will be used as a camera or if the phone is too far then you can always send something using your smart watch. The array of possibilities is almost infinite and to break things down we are focusing on a small portion of the interchangeable features of technologies: filming without video-cameras. Did you know that all you need is a video converter online and you can create professional style footage of yourself, your friends or a work project? Amazing software and programs, such as the clipchamp video converter, are essential for those who want to shoot selfie videos, record a great vine or share their thoughts without writing them down. The convenience of these solutions is incredible and it is only up to the users and their creativity to create stunning short films or footage from their lives. But how is this done technically? The answer is simple: by using a web based converter and auto-editing the resulting footage right on the platform. Keep reading to find out more! [Not a valid template] Taking, editing and sharing videos are completely different things and they can be accomplished using distinct processes but luckily for the end user with little to no IT knowledge there are certain programs which can perform all of these tasks in a simple, joint interface. The fact that you are able to edit a video, meaning to shorten it, highlight some aspects or change the size and format, is already a highly popular task. Sharing the results afterwards is also logical since everything we do nowadays seems to be focused around social media interactions. Although how many of us actually thought of filming that very same video with the applications used for recording and broadcasting? If the answer is none, then it’s a pity because this is precisely the correct approach everyone should follow.   Why take the time and effort to grab your phone, film something, upload it online, download it to the PC, edit it online and only then –an hour later- share it. It’s the lengthy and annoying way to approach the matter and we do not recommend it. Instead, why not simply record the video using the same software which will handle all of the altering and sharing afterwards? It’s like having 3 different options in 1 single program! The output files can be WMV, MP4, GIF or WebM in terms of format while taking the selfie video can last as much or as little as you want. Sharing is immediate and the various conversion tools also move incredibly quickly so that you will never waste time videotaping something again! To record the images, your laptop or PC’s web camera will be used and none of the information or footage made in this way will ever leave your device unless you decide to share it.
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