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What can you do after your Samsung Galaxy S3 breaks?

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

Very few phone manufacturers these days choose to keep physical keyboards and go for sleek and minimal designs with touchscreens. This means they have to make a compromise on durability and if you happen to drop them, you’ll most likely break them. One example is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The most recent Samsung flagships are water and dust resistant and don’t get damaged as easily when dropped, but the S3 is more delicate. While the plastic back isn’t particularly tricky to deal with, the screen is more problematic. The Galaxy S3 might not be the biggest device now, but, at the time it was released in 2012, it was one of the biggest phones available and a huge change from what was already available then. Its size and slippery plastic back cover were some of the most common reasons why it was dropped all the time, but, fortunately, Samsung phones are considerably less expensive than other premium brands, so replacing the screen wasn’t that big of a hassle. But what happens now, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is no longer the highlight of the tech world and its place was taken by other devices? Service shops no longer stock Samsung Galaxy S3 skærm as they used to and your warranty probably expired by now, so what can you do to fix your phone? The S3 is still a pretty good phone to have, so you don’t have to make an upgrade or keep using it with a cracked screen. [Not a valid template] The answer comes from specialized online providers of phone components. They normally have huge stocks of essential phone parts and accessories for the vast majority of devices, regardless of the year when they were made. So, if a brick and mortar store will probably keep only the most requested components, an online will be able to help you all the time. They don’t have any space restrictions, so you can find parts for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even older phones. These parts don’t necessarily have to be original, because third party items can be just as high quality as the ones made by Samsung. Prices are lower too and after you receive the item you ordered you can send the phone to a service shop for replacement. However, if you want even bigger savings, you can do it yourself. Unlike iPhones, which tend to be more complicated to fix, Samsung smartphones are less tricky to work on, so with just a few online tutorials anyone can replace and old screen.   One major benefit you can enjoy by ordering the screen online is that you can pick a different color for the siding around the phone. Normally, official repair shops keep the original color, but in online stores you can choose whatever you want. For instance, if you have the Galaxy S3 in the blue version and want something lighter, you can just by the screen with the white siding. It’s a great way of adding something new to your smartphone and giving it a fresh look when it starts looking old and scratched.
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