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Zoo Tycoon For Xbox Review

Written by Liam Grant. Posted in Gadgets

The launch of Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One was quite surprising, screaming family friendly in a way that most killing or racing games don’t. But Zoo Tycoon targets other genres as well, the sim game. The question is if this game has what it takes to entertain, or if it’s just not suitable on a console. [Not a valid template] Zoo Tycoon is the perfect game for those who like animals and ever considered becoming a zookeeper. The game targets not just many adults, but absolutely every child, disregarding age or gender. However, Zoo Tycoon isn’t as involved in running the place as it is in maintaining the wide variety of animals. Players must build a zoo, drop exhibits into place, add animals and make sure they are happy without venturing into landscaping, building paths or connecting drains. The game is accessible without being too involved in administration, so expect a lot of fun! Moreover, you can hire staff to do the dirty world you don’t like, like refilling feed stations. Of course, this can be expensive, so Zoo Tycoon offers a free building mode where you have infinite cash to build whatever you like. But cash is not the barrier to success. When it comes to Zoo Tycoon, fame is what you need most. When your fame level increased, so does the range of animals and exhibits. However, the fame increases quickly, so if you build an epic zoo in just a few hours you will have enough fame. In order to get more of the zoo unlocked, players must complete various tasks. Zoo Tycoon has many different gameplay options. The first one is a tutorial that will teach you the basics skills at the level of a six-year-old. In the challenge mode you must solve a problem or meet criteria, and in the more difficult campaign mode you receive rewards as you progress. These gameplay options appeal to different gamers, so everybody is guaranteed to have a blast. You can also link up with friends who have the game and build together a co-op zoo. There are two views within Zoo Tycoon, a top-down view typical for sim games designed to navigate quickly in the environment. You can also get all the information from this view, maintain and build things. The over-the-shoulder view is more fun, as it allows players to walk around the zoo and interact with the animals. A notification system will alert about any problems you need to deal with, like if an animal runs out of food so you can walk or drive there to deal with the problem yourself. One of the best featured of Zoo Tycoon is that it uses Kinect, so you can speak to action some of the commands. This game is a delight for children, while older gamers will enjoy getting things organized. There are more similar games out there, so if you want to learn about them, check out JournalOfNetworks.Org and get comprehensive reviews on console or computer games, but other gadgets and apps as well.

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